Our Presence

Instabring is a fastest growing compnay. We have started our base at Kanpur  and exapanding our base to other cities.

Retail Market (B2C)

For Individuals & families

  • Order in three time slots
  • Get quality produce delivered at doorstep.
  • Easy & Convenient.

HoReCa (B2B)

For hotels, restaurants & caterings

  • Competitive pricing specifically strategised for HoReCa segment.
  • Get registered with us, Click Now (this click should lend him to another page details of which are attached here in docs.)
  • Order a day before.
  • Get freshly harvested produce within 16 hours.

Institutional Supplies

For government bodies, canteens, hospitals.

  • Through tendering
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24x7 customer support

Nation wide market for trading

International Exports